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In rare circumstances, an approved provider (1.1.A.90) may identify a child at risk of serious neglect or abuse but, despite making reasonable endeavours, be unable to identify a parent (1.1.P.10) or carer who is eligible for ACCS (child wellbeing). In this circumstance, as a last resort, the approved provider may enrol (1.1.E.25) the child under an ACCS (child wellbeing) - approved provider eligible enrolment.

For the approved provider to be eligible for ACCS (child wellbeing) for sessions of care (1.1.S.40) provided to a child in this circumstance, an ACCS (child wellbeing) certificate OR an ACCS (child wellbeing) determination must be in effect for the child and child care service (1.1.A.90) for the week in which care is provided.

This type of enrolment will cease when the circumstances no longer exist (i.e. either the child is no longer at risk of serious abuse or neglect, or the approved provider has identified an individual who is eligible for ACCS (child wellbeing) in relation to the child).

The following details must be provided accurately in an ACCS (child wellbeing) - approved provider eligible enrolment:

  • child name,
  • child DOB, CRN*
  • enrolment start date (the date the certificate was given),
  • whether care is expected to be provided on a routine or casual basis, or both,
  • the days and times of any routine sessions of care (if applicable), and
  • the usual fees to be charged for any routine sessions of care (or if there are none, a usual casual rate).

*Provider must include the child's CRN if available.

Act reference: FAAct section 85CA(4) Child at risk of serious abuse or neglect

CCSMinRules Part 2 Division 2 When children are at risk of serious abuse or neglect for ACCS (child wellbeing)

Policy reference: FA Guide 2.8.1 ACCS (child wellbeing), ACCS (child wellbeing) - eligibility, ACCS (child wellbeing) - certificates, ACCS (child wellbeing) - determinations

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