Education Entry Payment (EdEP) - Description

Objective of EdEP

EdEP is paid to recipients of certain social security payments under SSAct section 23(1) to assist with up-front costs of education and training. Notwithstanding the policy intent of EdEP, the recipient has absolute discretion as to how they spend the EdEP.

The qualification rules depend on the type of payment being received. An EdEP payment may be paid each 12 months or each calendar year depending on the type of payment being received if the person is still studying.

How EdEP is paid

EdEP is paid as a lump sum. Recipients of the following payments may qualify for an EdEP:

  • newstart allowance,
  • partner allowance,
  • widow allowance,
  • widow B pension,
  • wife pension,
  • parenting payment (single),
  • parenting payment (partnered),
  • disability support pension,
  • carer payment, and
  • SpB, if the recipient is a sole parent and not residentially qualified for PP.

Act reference: SSAct Part 2.13A Education entry payment

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.8.6 EdEP - Qualification & Payability, EdEP - Current Rate

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017