1.1.E.30 Eligibility


Under the PPLAct, a person can only be eligible for PLP or DAPP if Centrelink determines the person satisfies the legislated eligibility requirements for PLP or DAPP. Centrelink cannot make a payability determination that PLP or DAPP is payable to a person for a child for a period unless the person was or will be eligible for PLP or DAPP during the period.

Act reference: PPLAct section 6 The Dictionary, section 8 A determination must be made for PLP to be payable to a person …, section 9 For the determination to be made, the person must be eligible, section 31 When a person is eligible for PLP …, section 31AA When a person is eligible for PLP on a flexible PPL day for a child, section 115CB When a DAPP claimant is eligible for DAPP

PPL Rules Part 2-3 Eligibility for PLP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 2.2 PLP eligibility, 2.3 DAPP eligibility

Last reviewed: 22 March 2021