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1.1.E.20 Election to pay instalments


For the purposes of PLP, an employer can elect to provide instalments to one or more of their employees they are not required to pay (1.1.E.60). The election must be in an approved form and must contain the employer's bank account information. An election must be expressed to apply to one or more specified employees of the employer, one or more specified classes of employees of the employer or all employees of the employer. The specified classes of employee include:

  • all employees
  • all employees with at least 6 months tenure
  • all permanent employees, or
  • all permanent employees with at least 6 months service.

The employer can withdraw an election by notice given to Centrelink (1.1.C.20) in a form approved by Centrelink. However, withdrawal does not affect an employer determination that has already been made.

Centrelink may cancel an employer's election if satisfied that the employer is no longer a fit and proper person; however, a cancellation does not affect an employer determination that has already been made.

An election remains in force until the continuous flexible period for each relevant employee ends, the employer withdraws the election or the election is cancelled.

Act reference: PPLAct Part 3-5 Division 4 Election by employer to pay instalments

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