1.1.E.85 Employer notice


An employer notice refers to the later of the following notices given to an employer by Centrelink to advise them of the length of the period they will be required to pay PLP to an employee:

  • employer determination
  • notice of outcome of a payability determination
  • notice of varying, setting aside, etc. payability determination.

If an employer is required to pay an instalment to a person, they will only be required to pay for days that are specified in the employer notice. This will include days that fall within the person's PPL period and, if the person has a continuous PPL period for the child, flexible PPL days that fall within their continuous flexible period. The employer notice will not include flexible PPL days that are payable that do not fall within the person's continuous flexible period.

This definition allows the provisions requiring employers to pay instalments of PLP (subsections 72(1) and (1A)) to define the scope of that payment obligation by reference to the period, or periods, specified in the most recent notice sent by Centrelink to employers under sections 102, 113 or 114, as relevant.

Act reference: PPLAct section 72(1) to section 72(1A) Employer determination in force on day during instalment period, section 102 Secretary must give notice of employer determination, section 113 Notice of outcome of a payability determination, section 114 Notice of varying, setting aside etc. payability determination

Policy reference: PPL Guide 6.1.2 Notice of employer determinations for PLP

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