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5.1.2 Effective claims for DAPP


A claim for DAPP is only effective if it is made by a person who can make a claim for DAPP and if it:

  • meets the claim requirements for a DAPP claim (5.1.3)
  • states the nominated start date of the DAPP period (2.3.8)
  • is made before the child is born or adopted, it states the child's expected DOB, or expected day of placement
  • is made after the child is born or adopted, it states the child's actual DOB, or actual day of placement
  • contains the claimant's TFN statement
  • is made in the period starting 97 days before the expected DOB, or expected day of placement, of the child and ending on the day before the child's first birthday, or the day before the first anniversary of the day of placement of the child.

The day of placement of a child is the day on which, as part of the process for the adoption of a child by a person, the child is entrusted to the care of a person by an authorised party. A child must be under 16 on the day of placement.

A DAPP claim that does not meet these requirements or does not contain all the information required by Centrelink is not an effective claim and is taken not to have been made. A claim that is not effective cannot be determined by Centrelink.

A claimant whose DAPP claim is not effective may claim again under the PPL scheme.

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