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5.1.7 When an employer determination for PLP is in force


An employer determination (1.1.E.60) can only come into force where the employer gives Centrelink:

  • an acceptance notice (in accordance with a requirement under PPLAct section 103 or a compliance notice under PPLAct section 157), or
  • a notice providing the employer's bank account and pay cycle information after review of an employer determination and where the person's continuous flexible period (1.1.C.145) has not ended.

If the circumstances above are not met, the employer determination does not come into force at all.

An employer determination that does come into force stays in force unless it is revoked.

Act reference: PPLAct section 103 Employer must respond to notice of employer determination, section 105 Giving bank account and pay cycle information etc. after review, section 107 When an employer determination comes into force, section 157 Giving a compliance notice

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