5.1.1 DAPP claims & claimants


A claim for DAPP is not effective unless all the requirements for an effective claim are satisfied (5.1.3).

A DAPP claim that does not meet these requirements or does not contain all the information required by Centrelink is not an effective claim and is taken to not have been made. A claim that is not effective cannot be determined by Centrelink.

A claimant whose DAPP claim is not effective may claim again under the PPL scheme.

Act reference: PPLAct section 115DD Who can make a claim for DAPP, section 3A Objects of this Act, section 115DE(2) A claim for DAPP is also not effective …

PPL Rules Part 7 Claims for DAPP

Policy reference: PPL Guide 2.3 DAPP eligibility, 2.3.1 DAPP eligibility overview, 5.1.2 Effective claims for DAPP, 5.1.3 Requirements of a claim for DAPP, 5.1.4 When to claim DAPP, 5.1.5 Withdrawal or variation of a claim for DAPP, 2.3.7 Who can claim DAPP

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