1.1.E.60 Employer determination


Centrelink (1.1.C.20) is required to make an employer determination (that the person's employer is required to pay instalments of PLP) if Centrelink is satisfied of the following matters:

  • A payability determination that PLP is payable to the person or an initial eligibility determination for the person is in force.
  • Instalments are likely, if the determination is made, to be payable by the employer for at least 40 consecutive PPL days that are week days.
  • The person has been, or will have been, employed by the employer (or by the Commonwealth) for at least 12 months immediately before the expected DOB of the person's child where the person claims before the birth, or the later of the expected DOB and the day the child was born where the person claims after the birth.
  • The person is likely to be an Australian based employee of the employer for the person's PPL period where a payability determination has been made or the period of days for which instalments are likely to be payable if a payability determination has not yet been made.
  • The employer has an ABN.
    • Exception: the requirement for an employer ABN does not apply to law enforcement officers and defence force members.

Where more than one employer satisfies these requirements in relation to a person, Centrelink must make an employer determination for the employer nominated by the person.

In deciding whether to make an employer determination, Centrelink may assume that the state of affairs known at that time will remain unchanged.

Exception: From 1 October 2016, Centrelink must not make an employer determination where the person is receiving an income support payment.

Act reference: PPLAct section 101 Making employer determinations, section 278 How this Act applies to Commonwealth employment

PPL Rules Part 6-3 Extension of Act to persons who are not employees and employers

Policy reference: PPL Guide 6.1.1 Making employer determinations for PLP

Last reviewed: 4 October 2016