1.1.E.100 Exceptional circumstances


A claim for PLP is made in exceptional circumstances if it is made by a person who satisfies paragraph 54(1)(c) (primary claims) or paragraph 54(2)(d) (secondary claims) or subsection 54(3) (tertiary claims), i.e. the person satisfies the circumstances prescribed by the PPL rules.

A DAPP claimant may make a claim and be eligible for DAPP for a child on a day if, on that day, the claimant satisfies the conditions prescribed by the PPL Rules.

Act reference: PPLAct section 6 The Dictionary, section 54 Who can make a primary claim, a secondary claim or tertiary claim, section 115CB(4) Third, a DAPP claimant is eligible for DAPP …

PPL Rules

Policy reference: PPL Guide Primary claimant for PLP in exceptional circumstances - any other person, Disputed care situations/loss of care for child for PLP, 2.2.12 Who is a tertiary claimant for PLP?

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