Payment of Arrears of PLP - Employer Determination Reviewed or Revoked before Coming into Force


Centrelink must pay instalments (1.1.I.80) to a person in circumstances where the employer (1.1.E.50) has applied for review of an employer determination (1.1.E.60) made for the employer and the person and the employer determination has not come into force before the 28th day after the start of the person's PPL period (subsection 84(3)). In this situation, Centrelink must pay instalments from the instalment period that includes the 28th day after the start of the person's PPL period or a later instalment, and starts before the day (the transfer day (1.1.T.90)) on which the employer determination comes into force, if the employer determination comes into force at all.

If an employer determination is revoked under PPLAct subsection 84(4), Centrelink must pay the instalments of PLP from the PPL instalment period that begins on or after the day the revocation comes into force (the transfer day).

In either of these situations, Centrelink must also pay the person instalments that are payable from the start of the person's PPL period (1.1.P.200) on the payday for the first instalment period that Centrelink is required to pay instalments under subsection 84(3) or 84(4) ( and

Act reference: PPLAct section 84 When the Secretary pays instalments, section 85 Payment of arrears-employer determination reviewed or revoked before coming into force, section 91 Effect of the Secretary or employer becoming required to pay instalments after start of PPL period

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3 Instalments of PLP, 6.1 Employer Determinations for PLP

Last reviewed: 3 July 2017