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1.1.I.180 Intending student (YA)


For the purposes of YA, an intending student is one who:

  • is intending to continue in the same course that they are currently undertaking after a recognised holiday period, or
  • is progressing into a new course of approved education following completion of their current course or study period.

Example: A student has completed year 12 in 2023 and intends to undertake tertiary study in the first semester of 2024. The student would be an intending student over the vacation period.

Example: A student has completed semester 1 of their Bachelor of Arts and needs to re-enrol for semester 2. For the break between semester periods the student would be considered an intending student.

Example: A student discontinued studies partway through second semester 2023 but intends to commence a new course in first semester 2024. The student would NOT be considered an intending student and would only qualify for payment of YA as a full-time student from the commencement of the new course, because:

  • they did not complete the previous study period, and
  • there were no special reasons beyond their control which caused them to discontinue their study.

For the purposes of YA (job seeker) an intending student is an early school leaver (1.1.E.05) who is intending to commence one or more approved courses of education or training which are included in their EPP with a future start date.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'early school leaver', section 541B(1) Undertaking full-time study - General

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