1.1.I.140 Ineligible homeowner


In the SSAct, ineligible homeowners are defined as homeowners whose principal home cannot be disregarded under the temporary vacation of property or care situation provisions. The SSAct also defines these terms.

Ineligible homeowners do NOT include people who pay for the use of a site or structure, including rights to moor a vessel, that is their principal home.

If one member of a couple is an ineligible homeowner, then both partners are ineligible homeowners.

Act reference: SSAct section 13(1)-'ineligible homeowner', section 13(9)-'in a care situation', section 11(4) Homeowner

Policy reference: SS Guide Ineligible homeowners & RA, Determining Homeowners & Non-homeowners, 1.1.C.15 Care definitions

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