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1.1.L.70 Locally accessible labour market (DSP)


For the purposes of DSP, the locally accessible labour market is within an area where:

  • the commuting journey does not normally exceed 90 minutes duration whether from the recipient's home to the place of work or from the place of work to the recipient's home, OR
  • the cost of the travel does not exceed 10% of the gross wage offered, OR
  • a number of people living in the same area as the recipient regularly commute to their place of work in circumstances similar to those of the recipient.

This definition is only relevant to assessing CITW of certain recipients granted DSP on or before 10 May 2005 and remaining eligible for the payment. Under the pre 1 July 2006 DSP qualification criteria, for people who have turned 55, in considering whether educational or vocational training is likely to enable them to do work, the Secretary may have regard to the likely availability of work in their locally accessible labour market. This provision was abolished effective from 1 July 2006.

Act reference: SSAct pre-1 July 2006 section 94(4) For the purposes of …

Policy reference: SS Guide DSP recipients aged 55 years or more

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