Benefits Payable under the Agreement with New Zealand

Benefits payable

The Australian benefits covered are:

  • age pension,
  • DSP (for the severely disabled), and
  • CP (for people whose partner is in receipt of DSP).

The New Zealand Benefits covered are:

  • New Zealand superannuation,
  • veteran's pension, and
  • supported living payment.

Note: To claim the age pension, New Zealand superannuation or veteran's pension a person must have reached whichever qualifying pension age is higher at the time they claim. People claiming DSP or supported living payment must be severely disabled, have been resident in Australia or New Zealand at the date of severe disablement, and prior to the date of severe disablement, been residing in the territory of the other party for a period of not less than one year at any time.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 3 New Zealand

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