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Czech Republic's social security system

The Czech social security system is a contribution based social insurance system covering old age, disability and survivors benefits. These payments are not income tested. Czech pensions can be exported to any country in the world, once granted. However claims for benefits can only be lodged in countries with which a bilateral social security agreement is in force.

Czech old-age pension can be claimed at:

  • 65 (men and women) with at least 15 years of coverage gradually increasing to 20 years of coverage, or
  • 62 (men) and 60 (women) with at least 26 years of coverage, gradually increasing to 35 years of coverage by 2020. The qualifying age is being progressively increased each year by 2 months (for men) and 4 months (for women) so that by 1 January 2016, it will be 63 (men) and 59-63 (women, depending on the number of children she has raised).

Reduced pensions can be claimed within 3 years of reaching the usual retirement age, or conversely, old-age pension can be deferred indefinitely.

Disability pension is payable for total disability (66% loss of earning capacity) or partial disability (33% loss of earning capacity). The required periods of insurance for disability pension are:

  • under 20 years of age - from one day to 12 months,
  • aged between 20 and 22 years - 1 year,
  • aged between 22 and 24 years - 2 years,
  • aged between 24 and 26 years - 3 years,
  • aged between 26 and 28 years - 4 years,
  • for persons older than 28 years - 5 years within the period of 10 years before invalidity,
  • for persons older than 38 years - 5 years within the period of 10 years before invalidity or 10 years of insurance completed within the period of 20 years before invalidity.

Survivor's pension is payable for one year to the surviving widow(er) and dependent children to the age of 26 - where the person was married to the deceased and the deceased was qualified for a pension, or died as a result of work injury or occupational disease. Survivor's pensions can be payable for longer periods to older survivors (widows aged 55+ or widowers aged 58+) or at any age where the survivor is disabled or caring for dependent children.

Act reference: SS(IntAgree)Act Schedule 27 Czech Republic

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