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Crediting an account

A person may be assisted to make a direct payment to a third party organisation (TPO) from their income management account for payment of priority goods and services. For example, a person may organise to credit a community store account with income managed funds to purchase priority goods and services.

Store accounts will be maintained in some communities so that people being income managed can:

  • have ready access to their funds to purchase priority goods and services available from such a store, and
  • be assured that their income managed funds can only be used by themselves or those who they have nominated to access their account.

The range of goods and services which may be acquired by a person using an amount that has been credited to an account depends on the specific nature of the account. SS(Admin)Act Part 3B allows the accessible range to be restricted.

Example: Ben wants to direct some of his income managed funds to a local community store. The funds are credited to an account held by the store. The store owner may only allow Ben or, if he has one, Ben's nominee, to access funds from that account to purchase items from the store. Ben is not able to purchase excluded goods from the store with income managed funds on his store account.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Part 3B Income management regime

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