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Qualified & unqualified portion

For individuals subject to the enhanced income management regime under the Disengaged Youth measure, category D payments (12.2.2) will be split into a qualified and unqualified portion (12.2.5).

For welfare payments received in instalments (such as fortnightly payments), the qualified portion is 50%. Where a person receives a lump sum payment of a welfare payment, the qualified portion will be 100%.

The unqualified portion of the person's welfare payment will be 100% minus the qualified portion (that is, 50% for instalments and 0% for lump sum payments).

In limited circumstances, the Secretary may make a determination temporarily varying the qualified and unqualified portion of a person's payments.

The balance of the qualified portion of a person's welfare payments will be paid into their BasicsCard bank account (12.2.1). It can be used to purchase anything other than excluded goods, excluded services, or cash-like products that can be used to purchase excluded goods or excluded services.

The unqualified portion will be paid into the personā€™s unrestricted bank account and may be used at their discretion.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 123SM Category D welfare payment to be split into qualified and unqualified portions, section 123SN Payment of balance of qualified portion of category D welfare payment

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