Supplementary benefits & assistance for HEAS recipients

Other benefits

The following table explains which HEAS (formerly PLS) recipients receive fringe benefits (1.1.F.190):

If the recipient … then they …
is entitled and receives a payment under the normal income and assets test qualify for fringe benefits.
is precluded from payment and/or their entire payment is a loan do NOT qualify for fringe benefits.

HEAS recipients, who qualify for a part pension or allowance, qualify for additional benefits appropriate to that pension or allowance and any relevant benefits provided under the family assistance law. This could include:

  • pensioner concession card
  • family assistance means test concessions
  • CCS means test concessions
  • pension bonus scheme.

Policy reference: SS Guide Supplementary assistance for Age recipients, 3.5.1 PP - qualification & payability, Supplementary benefits & employment assistance for DSP recipients, Supplementary benefits & employment assistance for CP recipients

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