Testing qualification for CP


Some carers (1.1.C.40) face significant changes to their circumstances when taking on caring responsibilities.

Example 1: A person who already has someone in their care, and finds they are no longer able to cope with both work and caring.

Example 2: A person who will need to stop work to start caring for someone.

Example 3: A person intending to employ someone else to take on the caring role on their behalf.

A person can test their qualification for CP before committing to a change in their circumstances. This assessment is based on the care they expect to provide, and whether the care receiver (1.1.C.20) meets the definition of a higher or lower ADAT score adult (1.1.H.63)(1.1.L.130), or a child with a severe disability or severe medical condition (

Explanation: It is not reasonable to expect a person in these situations to give up employment before testing their qualification for CP.

Assessment of qualification before claim

The person will need to lodge an UNSIGNED claim form to initiate the assessment.

Explanation: If the claim is signed, it is a formal claim under the Act and would need to be formally determined, resulting in rejection of the claim if the person is not yet qualified.

Assessment should be based on the person's answers against the qualification criteria for CP, including:

  • whether the care receiver will meet the definition of either a higher or lower ADAT score adult, or a child with a severe disability or severe medical condition, AND
  • whether the carer will be providing constant personal care in the home of the person being cared for, AND
  • whether the care receiver (adult or child) is on an income support payment or will meet the care receiver income and assets tests.

A person must still satisfy the payability provisions, including the income and assets tests. Personal income and assets, together with partner's income (if applicable) and assets (if applicable) which are expected to continue when employment ceases must be taken into account. Income from current employment would be excluded if it is expected to cease.

If a person appears to be qualified, they should be advised that they MAY qualify. If income and assets appear to preclude payment, they should be advised that they MAY NOT receive CP for this reason.

Formal claim

When a person advises that the caring role has started:

  • they should sign the claim form,
  • their circumstances should be reviewed to see if any have changed, and
  • a formal decision can be made.

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