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Health care card

A HCC is issued for all children who qualify their carers for CA (child) including meeting the income test assessment for CA ( If CA is shared between 2 separated parents or carers, both of them will receive a card for the child.

Carers who are qualified to receive CA (child) do NOT have to lodge a separate application. Where a child's carer does not achieve a qualifying rating under the DCLA (1.1.D.170) but the child requires substantially more care and attention (1.1.S.390) than a child of the same age without a disability, they are assessed for HCC only CA (child) (1.1.H.30). This requirement is satisfied when the child has additional care needs of at least 14 hours per week (1.1.F.170) as confirmed by the child's THP. The CA income test applies to HCC only.

The cards are issued for 12 months, and automatically renewed if CA (child) is current. The card is issued in the name of the child.

Act reference: SSAct section 1061ZK(3) This section applies to a disabledā€¦

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.9.1 HCC - Qualification Provisions, Qualification for CA (child) HCC only, CA (child) HCC only - measuring the level of care & attention, Carer Allowance (CA) - Description

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