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General rule

The PES start day may be backdated to the first day of qualification if the claim is made within 4 weeks of that day. Generally, a recipient is qualified from the date they begin undertaking qualifying study.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Schedule 2 clause 30 Pensioner education supplement

Claims for full year courses

The following table outlines the backdated start days for full year courses (1.1.F.210).

If a person claims before … then the start date for PES is …
1 April, for a course starting before 1 April 1 January or the first day on which the person is qualified for PES.
1 August for a course starting in July 1 July or the first day on which the person is qualified for PES.

Explanation: Qualifying study for most claimants will start from the commencement of their course, NOT FROM 1 January or 1 July unless they are resuming study after a break (see Exception).

Exception: Where a student resumes study after a break in study of one semester or less, or a break in study of more than one semester in the preceding 12 months due to illness or circumstances beyond the person's control, the recipient will be considered to be undertaking qualifying study from 1 January or 1 July provided the student commences their course before 1 April or in July respectively.

Act reference: SSAct section 1061PB Undertaking qualifying study

SS(Admin)Act Schedule 2 clause 31 PES: claim before 1 April, Schedule 2 clause 32 PES: claim before 1 August

Policy reference: SS Guide PES qualifying study for tertiary students, Start dates for PES qualifying study

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