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General rule

If a person claims PP within 4 weeks of a child becoming the PP child (1.1.P.340) of that person, the start day will be backdated to the first day of qualification for PP.

The backdating rule applies regardless of whether the person is lodging a claim when the first PP child enters their care or subsequent PP child enters their care.

Note: Information on backdated start days for a person claiming payment within 4 weeks of giving birth can be found at

Example: Sally lodged a claim 2 weeks after adopting Jack. Sally's claim for PP is backdated to the date of adoption, which is the first day Jack became their PP child.

Example: Hannah is incarcerated while pregnant and gives birth to Ryan. John (Ryan's father) is given custody the following day. John is unable to work and applies for PP 3 weeks later. John's PP is backdated to the day he gained custody, the first day Ryan became John's PP child.

Generally, a start day cannot be backdated if a person's circumstances change which would have meant they were qualified for PP from an earlier day than the date they claimed.

Example: Billy was not previously qualified for PP because of partner income. However, after separating from their partner, Billy now qualifies for PP single. Billy does not submit a PP claim until several month after the separation. The PP claim cannot be backdated to the date of separation.

Example: Jenny has served the newly arrived residence waiting period and now qualifies for PP. However, Jenny does not claim PP immediately. Jenny’s PP claim cannot be backdated to the date in which residency requirements were met.

The EXCEPTION to this rule relates to former CP recipients.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act Schedule 2 clause 10 Claim soon after childbirth, Schedule 2 clause 29 Parenting payment

Policy reference: SS Guide Backdated start days - general provisions

Person receiving CP

The PP start day may be backdated to the day immediately after the end of a bereavement period if a CP recipient transfers to PP following their partner's (1.1.P.85) death. The recipient is not required to lodge a claim.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 12 Deemed claim in certain cases

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