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1.1.P.21 Parenting plan (registered)


For the purposes of FA, the SSAct, and under Family Law Act 1975 section 63C, a registered parenting plan is a parenting plan that has been registered with the Family Law Court prior to 2004. Once registered, a parenting plan may only be changed on application to the Court.

Only parents may register a parenting plan. A registered parenting plan only includes the parents, and no other adults, as having responsibility for the care of a child.

Act reference: Family Law Act 1975 section 63C Meaning of parenting plan and related terms, section 63DB Registered parenting plans, section 63E Registration of a revocation of a registered parenting plan, section 63F Child welfare provisions of registered parenting plans, section 63G Child maintenance provisions of registered parenting plans - where not enforceable as maintenance agreements, section 63H Court's powers to set aside, discharge, vary, suspend or revive registered parenting plans

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