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1.2.15 Rent assistance (RA) - description


RA recognises the housing costs that low income families face in the private (i.e. non-government) rental market. RA is payable to eligible individuals for an FTB child ( or regular care child (1.1.R.21) who is also an RA child.

RA is not paid to individual's who pay rent to a government housing authority.

RA calculation

For the purposes of FTB, RA is included in calculating an individual's maximum rate of FTB Part A (1.1.M.26) when the rate is worked out using Method 1 or Method 3. Method 3 applies when an individual has a regular care child and no FTB children.

RA is not added to the base rate (or Method 2) of FTB Part A calculations.

The assessment of eligibility and rate of RA for FTB is contained in the FAAct. However the meaning of rent and the associated concepts are the same as under the SSAct.

RA rates

Current RA rates are available at topic

RA payment

RA is payable as part of an eligible individual's fortnightly FTB Part A instalment payment, or a lump sum payment where claim and reconciliation requirements are met.

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SSAct section 13 Rent definitions

Policy reference: FA Guide Rent assistance, 1.1.M.26 Maximum rate (FTB)

SS Guide 1.1.R.160 Rent (RA)

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