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1.1.R.160 Rent (RA)


For the purposes of RA, rent means amounts paid or payable on a regular basis by a RA applicant or recipient or their partner, as a condition of occupying their principal home. Rent includes amounts paid for:

  • lodging
  • accommodation in a care situation, defined in the SSAct subsection 13(9)
    • Exception: Government subsidised Residential Aged Care is precluded from RA.
  • service or maintenance fee for services provided in a retirement village
  • the use of site for a
    • caravan or other vehicle
    • mobile home
    • transportable home, or
    • tent, and
  • the right to moor a vessel.

Amounts are considered to be paid on a regular basis where they are paid at least quarterly. Some income support recipients who pay rent on a less regular basis can also receive RA if the Secretary is satisfied that the amounts should be treated as rent for the purposes of the SSAct under section 13(2).

Example: Amounts for the following are considered to be paid on a regular basis if they are paid at least quarterly:

  • site fees paid for a

    • caravan or other vehicle, OR
    • mobile home, OR
    • transportable home, OR
    • tent, OR
  • service or maintenance fees for services provided in a retirement village.

Act reference: SSAct section 11A(1) Principal home, section 13(2) Amounts are rent …, section 13(9) For the purposes of this Act, unless the contrary intention appears …

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.8.1 RA - qualification & payability

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