1.1.R.110 Refugee


This definition applies to all payments.


A refugee, for the purposes of social security entitlements, is a person who has been granted a visa (1.1.V.40) under the Department of Home Affairs' humanitarian program.

The humanitarian program for refugees and others in refugee-like situations includes 2 components:

  • onshore protection/asylum component - this fulfils Australia's international obligations by offering protection to people already in Australia who are found to be refugees according to the refugees convention, and
  • offshore resettlement component - this meets Australia's commitment to refugee protection by going beyond international obligations and offering resettlement to people overseas for whom this is the most appropriate option. This component comprises 2 categories of permanent visas
    • refugee, and
    • Special Humanitarian Program.

For more information, see Refugee and humanitarian program page on the Department of Home Affairs website.

Act reference: SSAct section 7(6B) A person is a refugee …, section 23(1)-'social security entitlement'

Policy reference: SS Guide 9.1.2 Visas, 9.2.4 Visa subclasses 200-299 payment eligibility

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