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1.1.R.136 Relevant period (JSP, YA)


This definition applies to JSP and YA and is used when calculating the one-off PBV amount for a person who is pregnant.


The relevant period starts on the day of the death of the person's partner and ends when the child is born or the person is no longer pregnant. The end of the relevant period is generally determined using the expected date of confinement on the relevant day (1.1.R.120).

Example: Pei's husband Keung died on 3 April 2020. Pei receives JSP and provides a letter from her doctor advising that she is pregnant and her baby is due on 30 July 2020. The relevant period between Keung's death and Pei's expected date of confinement is 17 weeks. Pei receives an additional amount of $1,500 as part of her one-off PBV amount.

Act reference: SSAct section 567FA(g)(ii) In the period (the relevant period) … (YA), section 660LH(g)(ii) In the period (the relevant period) … (JSP)

Policy reference: SS Guide The one-off PBV for JSP & YA recipients, Calculating the amount of the one-off PBV - JSP recipients, Calculating the amount of the one-off PBV - YA recipients

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