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This topic explains the circumstances in which an individual (1.1.I.90) and approved provider (1.1.A.90) must notify Centrelink of a change of circumstances.

General provisions

An individual and approved provider receiving ACCS is required to notify Centrelink as soon as possible when a change to their circumstances has occurred, or is likely to occur. This includes any changes that may affect their CCS eligibility (1.1.E.17) (2.6.1).

The requirements relating to an individual's ACCS eligibility or entitlement (1.1.E.30) is in addition to the requirement to notify of a change of circumstance for CCS.

In addition to the CCS requirements, an individual must notify Centrelink if:

  • something happens and as a result, the individual may no longer be entitled to the type of ACCS they are receiving,
  • something happens and as a result, the amount of subsidy the individual is to be paid, for the child, should change.

Where an individual believes that their circumstances would result in them receiving a different kind of ACCS they are required to apply for that subsidy.

Where an individual is notifying a change circumstance that may result in a favourable outcome, such as an increase in subsidy, the individual may be required to provide additional evidence.

Where the individual is notifying a change of circumstance that may result in an unfavourable outcome, such as a decrease in subsidy, then new evidence will not be required.

Centrelink may review an individual's eligibility for any kind of ACCS at any time. An individual will be required to repay any amounts of ACCS owing if a change of circumstances is not notified, and penalties may apply if the requirement to notify of a change of circumstances as soon as practicable is contravened.

For when changes take effect, see 6.2.

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Policy reference: FA Guide 2.8 ACCS overview, CCS & ACCS - change in activity/income, 6.2 Internal reviews

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