1.1.R.10 Redress


The National Redress Scheme aims to recognise and alleviate the impact of past institutional child sexual abuse and related abuse, and provide justice for people who have experienced that abuse.

For the purposes of the Scheme, redress is for abuse that is within scope of the Scheme.

Redress is achieved by providing eligible persons the opportunity to access 3 components:

  • a monetary payment (up to $150,000) as a tangible means of recognising the wrong a person has suffered
  • a counselling and psychological component which, depending on where the person lives, consists of either access to counselling and psychological services or a counselling and psychological services payment (up to $5,000) for the purposes of enabling the person to access counselling and psychological services provided outside of the scheme
  • a direct personal response from each participating institution responsible for the abuse.

It is the choice of the person entitled to redress whether to accept 1, 2 or 3 components of redress.

Act reference: NRSAct section 16 What redress is provided to a person?

Policy reference: Redress Guide 5 Components of redress

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019