4.11 Review of a determination


If a person does not agree with the outcome of their application, they can request one review. A person needs to request a review in writing, within the acceptance period (6 months of the date of offer/date of the notice of determination).

A different Independent Decision Maker from the one who made the original decision will complete the review. The new Independent Decision Maker will review the same information that the first decision maker considered. Applicants cannot provide additional information.

A review may keep the original decision, vary the decision or make a new decision. This means an offer could stay the same or it may be more or it may be less. It may also result in a different decision about a person's eligibility under the Scheme.

The Scheme will write to the person to let them know the outcome of the review:

  • If the determination is confirmed, a person will have an extra 2 months to consider whether to accept or decline the original offer.
  • If a determination is varied, the previous offer will be withdrawn, and the new offer may provide a higher or lower redress payment.
  • If a new or varied determination is made, a person will have 6 months to consider this new offer.
  • Alternatively, the review may find the person is ineligible for redress.

Institutions cannot request a review of redress decisions, however will be notified if a person makes an application for a review, withdraws an application for review or a review determination is made.

Act reference: NRSAct Part 4-1 Division 2 Review of determinations

Last reviewed: 1 July 2019