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Centrelink must pay one or more PPL funding amounts (1.1.P.180) to a person's employer (1.1.E.50) where satisfied that an instalment (1.1.I.80) was or is likely to be payable to the person and the employer is or is likely to be required to pay the instalment to the person. However, this does not require Centrelink to pay a PPL funding amount earlier than a reasonable period before the payroll cut-off for the instalment.

These rules ensure that PPL funding amounts are paid to employers who have accepted the decision that they are to provide PLP to a person (there is an employer determination (1.1.E.60) in force for the employer and the person). The PPL funding amounts are paid to the employer in advance of the payroll cut-off for the payday for the instalment, thereby enabling the employer to pay the instalment in accordance with the employee's usual pay cycle. In practice, employers are likely to receive PPL funding amounts at least 2 days before their payroll cut-off, to ensure that instalments are able to be paid on the next available payday.

However, if the employer has not been paid enough to fund an instalment as at the payroll cut-off for an instalment, Centrelink must pay the required PPL funding amount to the employer before the next payroll cut-off for an instalment for the person.

If Centrelink fails to pay a PPL funding amount to an employer by the required time, the employer may appeal the PPL funding amount decision made by Centrelink.

Act reference: PPLAct section 75 Payment of PPL funding amounts, section 208 Internal review-application for review of employer funding amount decision

Policy reference: PPL Guide When an employer is required to pay an instalment of PLP, 5.1 Employer determinations for PLP, Part 7 Review of decisions

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