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1.1.P.180 PPL funding amount


For the purposes of PLP, PPL funding amounts are paid by Centrelink to a person's employer where Centrelink is satisfied that an instalment is or is likely to be payable to the person, and the employer is or is likely to be required to pay the instalment to the person.

Centrelink is required to pay PPL funding amounts to an employer within a reasonable period before the payroll cut-off for the instalment. In practice, employers are likely to receive PPL funding amounts a day or 2 before their payroll cut-off, to ensure that instalments are able to be paid on the next available payday.

A PPL funding amount must not be less than the minimum amount (1.1.M.30).

A PPL funding amount for an employer cannot exceed the sum of the minimum amount and 30 times the daily NMW amount (equal to 6 weeks of PLP) that applies on the day the PPL funding amount is paid to the employer.

While PPL funding amounts are generally payable to an employer in fortnightly amounts, the employer can ask for their PPL funding amounts to be made in three 6-weekly payments if that would be simpler for them to administer.

The employer has a separate obligation to pay an equivalent amount to their eligible employee as instalments of PLP on the relevant payday.

Act reference: PPLAct section 6 The Dictionary, section 75 Payment of PPL funding amounts, section 76 Rules affecting the amount of a PPL funding amount

Policy reference: PPL Guide 4.3.4 PPL funding amounts, 1.1.M.30 Minimum amount of PPL funding amount

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