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Note: No new grants since 20 September 2000. Payments of SpNP WP and WidB ceased from 20 March 2020. There were no SpNP WP recipients by this time and SpNP WidB recipients were automatically transferred to Age.

Objective of the SpNP

SpNP is paid to people who were long-term residents but who left Australia (1.1.A.320) prior to 7 May 1973 and the introduction of general portability (1.1.P.310) of payments. It was a way of getting Age, DSP, WP or WidB paid outside Australia.

Background information

SpNP was introduced on 7 May 1973, following the introduction of general portability of payments.

Act reference: SSAct Part 2.16 Special needs pensions

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.4.6 SpNP - qualification & payability, SpNP - current rates

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