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Objective of CP

CP is a fortnightly income support payment for people who are unable to support themselves through substantial paid employment due to the demands of their caring role.

CP may be paid where a carer (1.1.C.40) provides constant care (1.1.C.310) for:

  • a person who has a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability, OR
  • a disabled adult who has a dependent child in their care. If the dependent child is aged 6 years or over, a person must qualify for and receive CA for that child, OR
  • a child with severe disability (1.1.S.133) or a severe medical condition (1.1.S.130), OR
  • 2 or more children, with disability or medical condition, OR
  • a disabled adult and 1 or more children each with disability or medical condition, OR
  • a child with severe disability or severe medical condition on a short-term or episodic basis, OR
  • a profoundly disabled child or a disabled child (saved pre 1 July 2009).

CP may also be paid where parents are exchanging care of 2 or more children each with severe disability or severe medical condition or disability or medical condition, under a parenting plan.

The disability or medical condition for which the care receiver needs care must be either permanent or expected to last for at least 6 months (1.1.P.230) unless the condition is terminal or short term or episodic.

A person who receives CP for a child may automatically be entitled to CA.

CP recipients qualified through short term (1.1.S.172) or episodic care (1.1.E.132) provisions automatically qualify for a HCC. All other CP recipients automatically qualify for a PCC.

CP is income and assets tested and paid at the same rate as other social security pensions.

The eligibility criteria listed above does not apply to people receiving ex WP CP (

Act reference: SSAct section 197A Overview-circumstances in which person is qualified for CP

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP, Qualification for CA (child) - automatic qualification for CA (child) through qualification for CP (child), CP - current rates

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