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This topic explains the reviews for PPS (1.1.P.51) and PPP (1.1.P.50). These are designed to ensure that recipients receive their correct entitlements and to minimise the possibility of inaccurate payments and fraud.

Program outcomes

The outcomes required for PP are:

  • to provide income support payments for those whose primary role is caring for young children
  • to ensure that income support payments, and any associated participation requirements and measures, encourage and facilitate participation towards or in paid work, and entry or re-entry into employment, while recognising the caring role of primary carers with young dependent children.

PP reviews

A review of a recipient's PP is conducted if they experience a change in circumstances which may impact their entitlements. Reviews may be initiated on the basis of information from one of the following sources:

  • the recipient or someone on their behalf, OR
  • external data received from third parties (for example,¬†through data-matching), OR
  • internal data, such as accelerated claimant matching and service profiling (6.5), OR
  • public information (tip-offs).

In addition to compliance interventions identified through the above, participation reviews and interviews may be conducted.

Policy reference: SS Guide 6.1.2 Change in Circumstance Reviews, 6.5 Profiling reviews, 3.11.2 Job Plans

Payment during review period

PP is generally continued while a review is in progress. Payment is suspended if a recipient fails to comply with a notice requesting additional information. If a recipient:

  • requests a review of the suspension decision within 13 weeks of the notice of suspension, THEN
  • payment can be restored without a break in payment, PROVIDED
    • the review is completed, AND
    • PP would otherwise have been payable during the suspension period.

Policy reference: SS Guide 6.8 Payment pending review

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