6.6.1 Documents held by the Department


DHS produces and/or retains numerous documents including some which are available free of charge. While some documents are generally available, others may be available under the Freedom of Information Act 1982.


Documents held by DHS may be categorised as:

  • agendas for, and minutes of, meetings of senior officers within DHS,
  • Ministerial, inter-departmental and general correspondence,
  • internal administration papers and records,
  • child support legislation, procedural instructions and policy documents,
  • reports relating to research and projects undertaken by DHS,
  • proposals for legislation, drafting instructions and draft legislation,
  • copies of instruments of delegation, given to, or by, the Child Support Registrar,
  • requests for legal advice and copies of notes of advice given,
  • briefing papers prepared for, and submissions to, the Minister or the Government,
  • answers to parliamentary questions, correspondence, reports and other documents relating to DHS structure and the number, size and location of offices,
  • correspondence, reports and other documents concerning DHS human resource management,
  • training materials,
  • freedom of information request files and papers relevant to the consideration of those requests,
  • child support paper documents and computer records containing personal information of individuals,
  • transcripts of proceedings before courts and tribunals,
  • financial reports, expenditure estimates and expenditure reports,
  • statistical reports detailing the number of child support cases, assessments issued and amounts collected,
  • accounting records,
  • speeches by senior officers, media releases and press clippings, and
  • the DHS business plan.
Last reviewed: 1 July 2016