Child Support Guide updates - 2019

12 August 2019 (v4.42)

Page Title Details
2.2.2 Care determinations & changes in care Clarified policy.
2.4.10 Assessments using the income of only 1 parent (formulas 5 & 6) Clarified policy.
3.1.1 Child support assessments Clarified policy.
3.1.3 Child maintenance orders Clarified policy.
3.2.2 Court orders & arrears Clarified policy.
3.5.4 Orders dealing with arrears Clarified policy.
4.1.4 Can an objection decision be made? Updated policy.
6.7.1 Methods of service Updated policy.

1 July 2019 (v4.41)

Page Title Details
2.4.2 Formula tables & values Added 2018 average weekly earnings (AWE) value.
2.4.9 Assessments when a parent has multiple child support cases (formulas 3 & 4) Clarified policy.
2.5.2 Additional income earned post separation Clarified policy.
3.4.3 CPI indexation for cost of living Added March 2019 consumer price index (CPI) figures.
5.2.9 Collection from third parties Clarified policy.
5.3.3 Crediting lump sum payments Clarified policy.
6.2.1 Information need not be in writing Clarified policy.

6 May 2019 (v4.40)

Page Title Details
2.4.5 Care, cost & child support percentages Clarified policy.
2.4.12 The minimum annual rate of child support Clarified policy.
2.6.1 When can the Registrar consider changing an assessment? Clarified policy.
2.6.5 Change of assessment process - application from payer or payee Clarified policy.

20 March 2019 (v4.39)

Page Title Details
3.4.3 CPI Indexation for Cost of Living Added December 2018 CPI figures.
5.2.4 Employer Obligations for Collection from Salary or Wages Clarified policy.
5.2.9 Collection from Third Parties Added information regarding Status Resolution Support Services Program payments.

4 February 2019 (v4.38)

Page Title Details
2.1.5 Deciding to Accept or Refuse an Application Updated policy.
2.6.10 Reason 4 - Income of the Child Updated 2019 significant income figures.
2.10.2 Electing to End an Assessment Clarified policy.
5.2.11 Departure Prohibition Orders Clarified policy and updated examples.
5.3.1 Non-agency Payments Clarified policy.
6.3.5 Proof of Identity Clarified policy.
6.3.7 Restricted Access to Certain Information (deleted) Removed information.
6.10.1 Family & Domestic Violence Updated policy.

2 January 2019 (v4.37)

Page Title Details
2.4.2 Formula Tables & Values Added 2019 Costs of the Children Table. New information about Adjusted Taxable Income Clarified policy.
2.5.1 Income Estimates for a Year of Income Clarified policy.
2.6.14 Reason 8 - a Parent's Income, Property, Financial Resources, or Earning Capacity Clarified policy.
2.6.17 Would a Change be Just & Equitable? Clarified policy.
2.7.6 Suspending a Child Support Agreement Clarified policy.
3.4.3 CPI Indexation for Cost of Living Added September 2018 CPI figures.
5.2.4 Employer Obligations for Collection from Salary or Wages Updated protected earnings rate.
5.2.5 Collection from Social Security Pensions & Benefits Removed references to obsolete payments.
5.2.9 Collection from Third Parties Clarified policy.
5.2.10 Collection from Parental Leave Payments Clarified policy.
5.3.2 Offsetting Debts between Payees & Payers Added example.
5.5.5 Overpayments Clarified policy.
5.8.1 Obsolete Entries Clarified policy.