Child Support Guide updates - 2020

11 May 2020 (v4.48)

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1.2.2 Amendments to the CSA Act Added Act reference.
2.6.1 When can the Registrar consider or a court changing an assessment? Clarified policy.
2.6.5 Change of assessment process - application from payer or payee Updated policy.
2.6.7 Reason 1 - high costs in enabling a parent to spend time with, or communicate with, a child Clarified policy.
2.6.13 Reason 7 - necessary commitments of self-support Clarified policy.
2.6.16 Reason 10 - responsibility of the parent to maintain a resident child Clarified policy.
4.3.2 Applications & orders about decisions under the CSA Act Clarified policy.
5.2.1 Arrangements for payment Clarified policy.

20 March 2020 (v4.47)

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3.4.3 CPI indexation for cost of living Added December 2019 consumer price index (CPI) figures.
5.2.3 Collection from salary or wages Clarified policy.

10 February 2020 (v4.46)

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3.6.1 Registrable overseas maintenance liabilities Clarified policy.
3.6.2 Registering overseas maintenance liabilities for collection Clarified policy.
5.5.4 Suspending payments to payees Clarified policy.
6.3.6 Authorised representatives Clarified policy.

2 January 2020 (v4.45)

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2.4.2 Formula tables & values Added 2020 Costs of the Children Table.
2.6.10 Reason 4 - income of the child Updated 2020 significant income figure.
3.4.3 CPI indexation for cost of living Added September 2019 consumer price index (CPI) figures.
5.2.4 Employer obligations for collection from salary or wages Updated protected earnings amount.