1.1.R.40 Resident parent (FTB)

Note: The term 'resident parent' has been replaced by the term 'payee' (1.1.P.71) since 1 July 2008.


For the purposes of FTB, a resident parent was the person with whom a child lived all or most of the time and who had care of the child. The resident parent could also be known as the carer, or payee for child support purposes. The resident parent was the child's natural or adoptive parent.

Before the Family Law Reform changes in 1996, a resident parent was known as the 'custodial parent' (1.1.C.60).

Policy reference: FA Guide 3.1.5 Maintenance action test for FTB Part A, 3.1.6 Child support assessments & agreements, 3.1.7 Maintenance income test

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