Employer determination for PLP comes into force after review


The situation can arise where Centrelink is required to pay instalments because an employer has sought review of an employer determination and the employer determination subsequently comes into force.

In this situation, the instalment period for the last instalment payable by Centrelink ends on the day before the employer determination comes into force (the transfer day (1.1.T.90)).

For the employer, the person's first instalment period payable by the employer starts on the transfer day. This does not affect when the instalment period ends.

These rules ensure continuity of payment for the person but also make clear when Centrelink's responsibility for paying an instalment stops and the employer's starts, by reference to a transfer day.

Act reference: PPLAct section 72 When an employer pays instalments, section 93 Effect on instalment periods of employer determination coming into force after review

Policy reference: PPL Guide Employer determination for PLP reviewed

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