PPL period not a period of paid leave


PLP is not a leave entitlement. Where an employee receives instalments of PLP for all or part of a period that the employee is taking unpaid leave from the employer, it should not be treated as if that is a period (or part period) of paid leave. Whether an employee is taking unpaid or paid leave affects whether the employee is entitled to accrue certain entitlements, such as annual leave, notice of termination or redundancy pay, during that period. During a period of unpaid leave from the employer these entitlements do not accrue, even where the employee is receiving Government-funded PLP paid through their employer.

Note: If an employee takes PLP at the same time as paid leave, receipt of PLP will not affect or interfere with the usual leave accrual arrangements that apply to the paid leave.

Act reference: PPLAct section 99 Period receiving PLP is not a period of paid leave

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