Effect of revocation of employer determination for PLP


The situation may arise where an employer determination has come into force but Centrelink has been required to take on payment of instalments to a person in relation to a child of a person for an instalment period that began on or after the transfer day (1.1.T.90) because:

  • the employer determination has been revoked, or
  • Centrelink has referred a matter to the FWO relating to a failure by the employer to pay an instalment as required.

In the above circumstances Centrelink is required to pay instalments in relation to a child of the person under PPLAct subsections 84(4) and (5) respectively.

In this situation, the instalment period for the last instalment payable by the employer ends on the day before the transfer day. This rule is in subsection 94(2).

For Centrelink, the person's first instalment period payable by Centrelink starts on the transfer day (subsection 94(3)). This does not affect when the instalment period ends.

Act reference: PPLAct section 84 When the Secretary pays instalments, section 94 Effect on instalment periods of revocation etc.

Policy reference: PPL Guide Payment of arrears of PLP - employer determination revoked after coming into force

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