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1.1.H.60 Health Professional Advisory Unit (HPAU)


The HPAU is a team of health professionals, including medical practitioners, in Services Australia who are available to provide medical advice and opinions to assist in determining a person's eligibility for DSP for new claims, reviews and appeal assessments. Queries relating to complex non DSP assessments can be referred to the HPAU when the medical information provided indicates that the person may have an entitlement to DSP and expert advice is required to clarify this.

The HPAU can provide advice, interpretation and clarification to job capacity assessors and other Services Australia staff on a person's medical condition/s and its impact on their work capacity. This includes advice on whether a person manifestly meets the DSP eligibility criteria. The HPAU is only asked for advice following completion of all usual assessment processes.

The HPAU may, at its discretion, seek clarification or further medical evidence from a person's THP. This may include payment of a fee to the THP, where applicable. Information on what fees may be applicable is available from Services Australia.

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