1.1.H.63 Higher ADAT score adult (CP (adult))


For the purpose of CP (adult) a higher ADAT (1.1.A.78) score adult is a person who:

  • has a physical, intellectual or psychiatric disability, AND
  • is being provided with constant care (1.1.C.310), AND
  • has been assessed, rated and given a score of at least 25 under the ADAT with the THP component of the score being a minimum of 10, OR
  • receives care from more than one carer and has been assessed, rated and given a total score of at least 80 with the THP component being at least 32, AND
  • is likely to suffer from that disability permanently or for an extended period of at least 6 months.

Act reference: SSAct section 197(1)-'disabled adult'

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