1.1.W.30 Weighting for functional domains (CA (child), CP (child))


For the purposes of CA (child) and CP (child), weighting for functional domains (1.1.F.280) refers to a process in which raw scores (1.1.R.10) obtained from the DCLA (1.1.D.170) professional questionnaire are adjusted to account for imbalances.

A weighting is applied to 2 of the functional domains to reflect the greater impact disability has on a family in these areas:

  • the score for receptive communication is multiplied by 1.2, and
  • the score for special care needs (1.1.S.240) is multiplied by 2. There is no weighting for the other functional domains.

Explanation: Medical experts believe that children who function below standard in the categories of receptive communication and special care needs have a greater overall level of disability, which results in a greater impact on the child and family. A weighting is applied to the scores for these domains to reflect this greater importance.

Act reference: Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) Determination 2020 Schedule 1 Part 2 Professional questionnaire, Schedule 2 Part 2 Scoring for professional questionnaire

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