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Voluntary work

For the purposes of standard rate MOB, voluntary work on a continuing basis, must be:

  • likely to last for at least 3 months, AND
  • for a period of at least 32 hours every 4 weeks, AND
  • provided willingly by a recipient without obligation or payment, other than for out-of-pocket expenses, AND
  • performed for a charitable, welfare or community organisation run on a not-for-profit basis with the objective of providing services or assistance to the community (see examples), AND
  • demonstrated by the organisation to have provided a service, product or benefit to the community, AND
  • approved by the Secretary of the Department or their delegate, after carefully considering the nature and objectives of the voluntary work.

Such voluntary work in combination with vocational training and/or independent living skills/life skills training, and/or gainful employment may also satisfy the 32 hours every 4 weeks rule.


  • Charitable or welfare organisations include the Salvation Army, Meals on Wheels and Society of St Vincent de Paul.
  • Some churches/religious organisations also provide services and assistance to the community and can be considered charitable or welfare organisations. Services and assistance such as grief counselling, counselling for the ill and their families, assistance to ill or elderly people, provision of emergency relief/food parcels, or fund raising for charitable works can be considered as qualifying voluntary work. However, activities such as attending services, singing in choirs, or religious canvassing are not considered qualifying voluntary work.
  • Community organisations include sporting associations, schools and service clubs such as Rotary, Apex and Lions.

Unpaid work performed under a CSO is NOT considered to be voluntary work.

Act reference: SSAct section 1035(1) A person is qualified for a MOB ā€¦

Policy reference: SS Guide Assessment of 32 hours every 4 weeks rule for standard rate MOB, Assessment of continuing basis for standard rate MOB

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