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A recipient satisfies the travel test for MOB purposes if they are required to travel to and from their home in order to undertake:

  • gainful employment, OR
  • vocational training, OR
  • independent living/life skills training, OR
  • job search activities, OR
  • voluntary work for charitable, welfare or community organisations.

Applying the travel test

People in gainful employment:

  • Any work-related travel, for example, travel to visit clients or attend to business, such as banking will satisfy the travel test.

People in vocational training or independent living skills/life skills training:

  • Any travel related to the training or education being undertaken, such as travel to educational institutions, libraries, study groups, residential study or other occasional travel will satisfy the travel test.

People undertaking job search activities:

  • It is accepted that all recipients will be undertaking travel in relation to their job search activities.

People undertaking voluntary work:

  • Most voluntary workers will already be undertaking some form of travel. If there are people who undertake voluntary work at home, any work related travel will satisfy the travel test.

People residing in a residential complex who only attend various activities within the complex do not satisfy the travel test. However, if the person is required to travel from the complex to undertake a component of an activity then the travel test would be satisfied.

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