Eligibility for FAA

Eligibility criteria

To be eligible for FAA, a recipient must:

  • be undertaking qualifying study (1.1.Q.40)
  • have their permanent home in Australia, and
  • the recipient must
    • be dependent and receive the away from home rate of YA
    • live away from their partner (1.1.P.85) for study purposes
    • live away from their dependent children (1.1.D.70) for study purposes
    • be studying as an external student, or
    • live away from home and have become independent through age ( or work ( However the person must have been dependent and living away from home in the study year before becoming independent.

Exception: FAA is not paid if travel is undertaken for a practical component of the course away from the institution itself.

Example: Field excursions, practical teaching sessions, periods of hospital residence.

Recipients qualifying for payment as full-time Australian Apprentices are not eligible to receive FAA.

Parent living away from dependent child

FAA is paid to a parent who lives away from their dependent child, if the child remains in the permanent home.

A dependent child for this purpose is any child attracting family assistance or PPS and also includes dependent full-time students of the parent.

Exception: Dependent young people who are not full-time students are NOT included.

Policy reference: SS Guide FAA entitlement, Change in circumstances during the study year for FAA

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