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This topic explains the general provisions for CA (child) reviews and HCC only CA (child) reviews. This topic covers the following:

  • payment continues during review
  • purpose of CA (child) reviews
  • medical age milestone reviews
  • review regimes, and
  • change of carer.

Payment continues during review

Payment should be continued pending the outcome of a review, UNLESS:

  • there is clear evidence of a loss of entitlement, OR
  • the parent or guardian has consistently refused to provide the necessary information.

Act reference: SSAct section 5(1)-'parent'

Policy reference: SS Guide 3.6.7 CA - qualification & payability

Purpose of CA (child) reviews

Reviews are conducted to ensure continued entitlement to CA. Although they have different qualification requirements, reviews for CA (child) and HCC only CA (child) are similar.

Medical age milestone reviews are conducted to ensure there is a continued entitlement to CA (child). These are conducted at:

  • 4 years 8 months
  • 10 years, and
  • 13 years.

If a recipient no longer qualifies for CA their entitlement for HCC only CA (child) MUST be considered.

Review regimes

The review categories for CA are:

  • CA (child)

    • care load reviews, and
    • care load reviews for recognised disabilities, including disabilities and conditions treated as recognised disabilities for review purposes only.
  • HCC only CA (child)

    • care load and carer circumstance reviews
    • care load and carer circumstance reviews determine if a child still requires substantial additional care and attention because of the disability when measured against the 14 hours rule (1.1.F.170).

Change of carer

When a child who attracts CA goes to live with another person, the new parent/carer MUST apply for the fortnightly payment or HCC if they wish to receive the benefit, as there is no automatic transfer of entitlement. Generally an abridged claim for CA (child) will need to be completed as additional medical evidence is not required UNLESS the child has reached a new developmental milestone used in the DCLA (1.1.D.170). If the claim is made within 3 months of the age milestone review or there is a reason to believe the care receiver's disability has changed, a full CA (child) claim is required.

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